Lynx Lake – Prescott, Arizona

Over the weekend I decided to go on a little adventure. I love the woods, I love lakes, and I love new stuff. So Lynx Lake was the perfect candidate. The lake is located in the Prescott National Forest, just inside the forest boundary. It was kind of weird driving in. I came from Phoenix and the forest pops up out of nowhere. You drive into Prescott with no tall trees in sight.. then BAM, a random forest. But a pretty cool forest at that. Beautiful pine trees, flourishing wildlife, and a bountiful amount of green. What more can you ask for? Maybe a lake… Then there is was..


Lynx Lake is a relatively small lake, spanning only 55 acres. But it is home to tons of fish. So if you’re a fishing enthusiast, this is your spot. It is also a pretty decent hiking spot too. There’s a nice little trail that goes around the lake and it’s only about 2 miles long. The views were great, the weather was perfect (almost), and the vibes were on  point.

Lynx Lake also offers picnic tables, grills, and camping spots to enjoy the great outdoors. And it’s also a good area to take out your canoe or small small boat. And with the lake being only about 90 minutes from Phoenix, it’s a short drive up the hill. Additionally, this region offers a whole different world of nature, compared to the valley of the sun. So whether you’re trying to make a big catch, have a picnic in the fresh pine air, or you simply want to relax and  get away from it all, Lynx Lake is a small little treat to satisfy your soul.


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