Chillin’ at the Creek – Sedona, AZ

One of my favorite things to do is chill by the creek. Something about the cool water and natural beauty keeps me coming back for more. And Arizona isn’t a bad place for it. There’s over a dozen creeks in this magical state, most of which you can swim at. One of the coolest ones I’ve been to is Oak Creek, in Sedona, Arizona. If you’ve never been to Sedona, you’re missing out. Some call it the most beautiful place in the Southwest and I can definitely see why. Huge, massive red rocks outline this gorgeous landscape. Some are big, some are small, and some are shaped like bells and Disney characters. And to make it all better, Oak Creek is slapped in the middle. Just like all the creeks around here, the water level is way less than it used to be. But nonetheless, there’s a lot of places to swim and enjoy the cool refreshing water. One of my favorite spots is Chavez Crossing. There’s numerous places to take a dip and plenty of shade to escape the scorching heat. My friends and I have been coming here for years and its never disappointing. Sometimes there’s 3 of us, sometimes there’s 15. But it’s always a good time. At our spot, the deepest point is at around 14 feet, so there’s plenty of jumping and diving. But taking a nice swim is the real reward for the mile hike into the spot. The water is always so crisp and cool. Nothing beats a calm relaxing swim in these waters. And with the summer temps flirting with 100 degrees, the dip is extra pleasurable. Sometimes it’s a party, sometimes it’s a chill day with a few good friends, but it’s always relaxing, always fun, and always enjoyable soaking in the refreshing beauty that this planet has to offer.


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