Fall Beauty in Colorado – Panorama Point

A few weeks ago I decided to take a morning hike. I’m still new to the area (Denver, CO) and didn’t know any good spots. I always like a nice, steep hike, something that challenges me. But I only had a few hours. So I went on an app on my phone and found a trail that seemed interesting. Given that it was early October, it was a great time to see some Fall beauty.

I drove out to the nearby town, Nederland, which brought me into Golden Gate State Park. I’ve never heard of the park before, so I was excited to see what it had to offer. I decided on exploring the Raccoon Trail. The trail started at a campground and wasn’t very crowded at all. The trail started out pretty flat and even went downhill at times. And the scenery got better as the trail continued. Beautiful aspens trees, yellow leaves, and nearby mountain peaks accompanied me on my journey. Here are some pics:

As I pressed on, I came to a fork in the trail. One way, the raccoon trail continued, the other way went to Panorama Point. Being the curious and adventurous guy I am, Panorama Point seemed like the right option. And the nature got better and better. The trail began to get steeper and steeper and I started to get a little workout.

Fall was very evident on this trail with leaves of all different colors. Yellow, red, orange, and brown leaves we’re on display during this trek through the woods. And it was a peaceful trek at that. I only saw a handful of people during my time here and that made it even more enjoyable. I prefer a calm, quiet hike and don’t like to be disturbed by tons of people. I’m a huge nature lover and don’t like any distractions while I’m trying to soak in the abundant beauty.

As I continued on the trail, the steepness continued as well. But I wasn’t complaining. For me, the steeper, the better. Nothing compares to working out in nature, with the smell of fresh trees surrounding you. However, there was one things missing on the venture; epic mountain views. Little did I know I was in for a treat. After a few miles on the trail, I realized why it was called panorama point. As I turned a corner, the trees opened up. From there, miles and miles of mammoth peaks pop in front of my eyes. A moment like this always brings a smile to myself. Especially if it’s a new view I’ve never seen before. Overwhelmed with happiness, I took a breather on a nearby rock and gazed at the beauty.


Unfortunately my journey was near it’s end. And that moment provides the worst part of the day. But with every hiking trek, there’s always a trek back. I wasn’t sure if that was the ‘Panorama Point,’ but it sure was gorgeous. And since I just recently moved to the area, seeing the Rocky Mountains is always a rewarding experience. And that will never change.

Something about the Rocky Mountains makes me content. Being from Arizona, I grew up never seeing huge mountains. And over the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve fallen in love with them. Something about their raw power, in addition to their ginormous size, really intrigues me.

The world has transformed into a corporate paradise, with buildings and new development popping up overnight. It seems like not a lot of the natural organic world is left. And it honestly makes me sad. We’re destroying this planet day by day and its scary to think what the future has in store. If we keep going on this path, this nature will be wiped out.

This is why I hike, this is why I experience the organic world. Because this is what makes planet Earth great. Not the technology, not the sleek new building downtown, but the amazing, pure world that we take for granted every single day.

Get out there and experience it.




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